Detox Drinks that De-bloat


Drink up to get slim! Mixing a few ingredients in your water can help, de-bloat, detox your body and keep you from mindlessly snacking.  See below for details and ideas! (Hint- lightly muddle ingredients to get even more out of these recipes!)



Cucumber – Added hydration and full of Vitamin K and C

Strawberries -Loaded with anti-oxidants

Blueberries – Aids in reducing belly fat



Lemon- Cleanses your system and keeps skin blemish-free

Green Tea – Aids in weight loss, fights inflammation and detoxes the body

Honey – Fights inflammation, Boosts Energy



Any fruit infused water can add natural flavors and help us meet our daily water intake goals.

Strawberries – Wrinkle prevention anyone?  Yes please!

Add mint for extra flavor and fresh breath!



Cinnamon- This magical spice, adds a delicate flavor to water, detoxes the body naturally and is heart healthy. What more could you want?

Add a slice of apple for a delicious cinnamon apple infused water!


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