Bicsuits Two Ways

I wanted to surprise my boyfriend with a hearty country breakfast for Valentine’s Day and I remembered a few days prior when he had mentioned something about Biscuits and Gravy. (Hint taken) But, I also know that he has a bit of a sweet tooth, so I had to make a dessert biscuit for us to share. I did mention this meal was hearty right?

I replaced a few items in the Gravy to make a “healthier” version, but be warned, this meal has calories and fat! Yes, I’m all for the low cal, gluten free, veggie-added version, but hey I’m human.


For the Gravy:

3 Cups Almond Milk

1 Package Jimmy Dean Pork Sausage

1/2 Cup Flour ( I only had Arrowhead Mills Gluten Free Flour on Hand)

Salt & Pepper


  1. Brown the sausage on medium-high heat in a larger skillet until completely cooked through.  While the meat is browning, use wooden spoon to break up into small pieces.
  2. Once meat is cooked through sprinkle flour on top of meat and stir.
  3. Add 3 cups milk and reduce heat to a simmer.
  4. Cook until desired thickness or consistency.  My gravy was a little thick, but you can add more milk (I recommend in 1/4 cup increments) until you are happy with how thick or runny the gravy is!


For the Biscuits:

I followed Bisquick’s Gluten Free Biscuit Recipe found HERE

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