To Booze Or Not To Booze

As I’m making plans for the weekend and the summer, the thought thats burning in my mind is always “How am I going to stick to my diet with ______ coming up?” This is something I struggle with a lot. Although I enjoy an occasional glass of wine when I’m out to dinner with friends, it’s hard for me to justify the empty calories, and it’s hard for me to deal with the guilt that follows after a few drinks. However, I’ve come up with some easy tips for sticking to your fitness plan and how to indulge responsibly!

Here are my Top 5 Tips for dealing with the ultimate question- to booze or not to booze, and tips to sticking to your fitness goals when a social occasion comes up!



  1. Make a Mocktail – I love mixing some fresh fruit, herbs and sparkling water for a refreshing and low calorie mocktail. I do this a lot at social occasions when I want to feel like I’m drinking and not have a sugar hangover the next day.
  2.  Choose Your Mixers Wisely – Eliminate sodas and sugary mixers; choose something low calorie. Flavored sparkling water is my favorite! Again, if you want to drink, clear alcohol is the better choice. Vodka + Soda = Skinny Girl Drink. Muddle some fresh mint and add cucumbers and lemon slices for freshness and flavor. Red wine has health benefits when consumed in moderation, however is more caloric than other alternatives. If you’re craving a margarita, opt for soda water and a squeeze of citrus to eliminate excess sugars and calories.
  3. Stick To A Two Drink Maximum and Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! – Moderation is key here. Stick to a two drink maximum that fits into your allowed calorie limit for the day and drink water in between. Drinking goes right to my head these days, so to eliminate the headaches and grogginess the next day I make sure I have plenty of water, especially before going to sleep.
  4. Eat Before – I know that when I start feeling a little tipsy I want something to snack on, and most likely all of my inhibitions about healthy eating have gone out the window and I start preaching “treat yo’self!” To avoid this, I like to have healthy snacks handy and eat before I start drinking. I’m particularly craving sugar snap peas and tatziki at the moment 🙂
  5. Just Say No – If you don’t want to drink, who cares. There are plenty of other activities and fun to be had without alcohol! If your friends don’t understand this, find better friends! Life is too short not to live your best, healthiest life. If you’ve got goals, stick to them! Everyone will be jealous of your bikini bod.


Happy Weekend All!



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